Modern mental health coverage for a workforce that's anything but traditional.

Welcome to Sphere Health. We’re on a mission to provide affordable, accessible and ground-breaking acute mental healthcare to employees nationwide through the best employer benefits program on the market.

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Sphere provides 
the most efficacious 
and innovative 
mental health services
to self-funded employers.

FDA-Approved, modern mental health treatments for every employee – that's our goal.

Traditional medications take weeks and months to even begin to work. It can be frustrating for some–for others, this time can be crucial. 

Modern treatments take only take hours and days to be completed. 

We believe in breaking barriers to access — with Sphere, the treatment you need is the treatment you receive, when you need it. 

Say goodbye to empty networks and months before approvals for treatment.

Sphere members receive access to effective, modern psychedelic treatments—including Spravato™, dTMS, and SAINT– all for $0 copay. ​

Say hello to the right treatments, at the right time, to the patients who need them the most. ​

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They're sighs of relief.

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