For Employers

New treatments are better and faster – and they’re ready to use now.

Traditional medications take, on average, 53 days to start working, and have an effect size of .31 — which means they’re slow, and don’t work very well. 

TMS has an effect size of 1.12—Anything over 1 is a gamechanger.

We’re driving down costs and helping employees while we’re at it. 

Sphere Health members receive access to:

  • Flexible access to personalized mental health services

  • FDA-Breakthrough Approved Treatment Protocols

  • Accessible, friendly telemedicine for your convenience.

  • Live answers to every mental health question you have.

  • Individual Behavior Health Coaching

  • Your choice from a selection of insightful, specialized group training events.

  • Provider panel of specialized psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health coaches.

  • $0 Copay for all outpatient behavioral health services through Sphere.